Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Well, here's a bit of good news! After laying dormant since April 4, 2008, the funnypeopleblog is pleased and proud to announce it's new association with the Whooray for Whores! Initiative. WfW! founder Jennifer S. (noted co-founder of the current funnypeople blog and the seminal, funnypeople room on has long been a proponent of silent-letter alliteration, and feels that whores are the perfect population for launching what is expected to become a movement worthy of coverage in, at least, "People," or, maybe on "Entertainment Tonight." Whooray for Whores!, we say. And you'll be saying it, too, when the funnypeople and the whores get together in support of the American Way of Life. Thank you.
-- Michael S., noted co-co-founder-founder

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